Hi lovely!

My name is Zoe and I am the founder of Finding July! 

I started Finding July, in 2019, to help Canadian women find good quality affordable clothing in Canada, that you won’t find anywhere else. To make shopping online easier and curate collections that are always on trend, without compromising on fit or quality.

 Growing up in Canada, I always found it hard to find fashion-forward options that were not going to break the bank or actually break and fall apart after wearing them once. That were going to be trendy but wouldn't be worn by everyone else I knew. And then shopping online was a whole other story with import duties, exchange rates, long delivery times and tricky returns. Which I'm sure you have all experienced at least once...

So with the goal of helping my fellow Canadian women, I started an online store that would address all of the above. 

With Finding July all of our styles are already in BC and Canadian dollars so there are no import duties or conversions to deal with. We offer super fast shipping across Canada and the United States and it is free over $95! 

All of the collections are curated “small batch fashion", meaning once the styles are gone they are gone for good. We work with American wholesalers that do not mass produce so our styles always stay fresh and not everyone you know is going to have the same dress or top as you! 

We are not about offering a huge number of styles simply for the sake of having volume. Each style is carefully hand selected to add too or complement our customers wardrobe, offering them fashion-forward quality options at reasonable prices.

My goal and main purpose for Finding July is and always will be to help Canadian women find what they are looking for!

 Thank you for shopping and supporting this small female run business! 

Xo - Zoe